The great debate:

A lot of you reading may not know this but there seem to be some very strong opinions out there about the brand names of a certain type of gardening glove; the model 370. This glove goes by a few different names depending on the person who decided to market it. Some of these names are:

  • Nitrile touch gloves
  • Atlas 370
  • Showa 370
  • Touch Gloves
  • Floreo gloves
  • Floreo 370
  • Showa assembly grip

All these different names causes a lot of confusion amongst gardeners. Imagine the scenario:

You receive a lovely pair of pink gardening gloves as a Christmas present from a friend of yours. They in turn bought these gloves at the Chelsea Garden Show earlier in the year. You love these gloves and use them all season long; finally after months and months of hard work in the garden they wear out. Now, you want a new pair! But, all you can remember is your friend saying she got them at Chelsea.

Researching on the internet might lead you to a couple of places. First, you might find this article referencing the ‘Atlas Gardening Gloves – as seen at Chelsea!’ They look like yours so you think “Oh, that must be them!” You excitedly look on the web to buy a new pair and find out that the Atlas gloves are pretty hard to come by in the UK aside from a few ebay sellers.

Well, I’m here to set the record straight once, end the confusion and let you know what is really going on.

The Atlas 370 Nitrile Touch Gardening Gloves, available in 7 brilliant colours and formally available on the Atlas Glove website are called Atlas gloves because they were imported from America, where the Showa Corporation (the manufacturer of these gloves) decided that they should be branded with the term ‘Atlas’.

370-small1Here in the UK however the Atlas Gloves were only available in limited quantities by those retailors, such as the Atlas Glove Shop, who went through the trouble of importing them from America. It was many many years before Showa realised that perhaps they should officially introduce these fantastic gloves to the UK market.

So, about 5 or so years ago Showa started distributing the 370 gloves here. But, and here’s where the massive confusion comes in, Showa for reasons unknown to myself decided to completely rebrand these gloves for the UK market!

The result of this is that these gloves (all of which are identical – they literally come out of the same exact factory) are now known by about 7 different names by confused gardeners across the UK!

In fact, here on the Cotswold Garden Supply website we stock both Atlas branded AND Showa branded gloves. It’s not because we’re trying to confuse you further, and we will be gradually transitioning to just Showa branded gloves. It’s just because some of our stock came from the US and some is from the UK.

I hope this post has cleared things up for all the gardeners out there, and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to post below. I can back up everything in this post with factual documentation if you want proof but believe me when I say all of our gloves are of the highest quality that many of you have come to know and love as Atlas, now some of them just have a different name stamped on the back.

As an aside, there is one benefit to the Showa brand over Atlas. The Showa gloves have a CE or kite mark stamped on them. This is a mark that shows that they have been officially tested and proven to be of a certain quality as per the safety data sheets. So, with the Kevlar gloves, you’ll know exactly how ‘cut proof’ they are and with the 460 Insulated Gloves you’ll know exactly how much cold and heat protection you are getting. This goes for all of the gloves we carry, some of which are resistant to a number of hazardous chemicals.

I’ll be uploading the safety data sheets over the next few weeks so you can see for yourself why these gloves are a step above all other types of gardening and work gloves out there.

Thanks for reading and Happy Gardening!


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