Selling a home is a massive undertaking, and it’s one few people wish to extend unnecessarily. Many people, however, make the mistake of putting their home up for sale without proper preparation beforehand. Your pre-sale window is the perfect opportunity to make your home more likely to sell faster, and for a better profit.

One of the most effective moves homeowners can make is to improve their curb appeal. Traditionally, this refers to the way your property looks from the street; but these days, it encompasses so much more. High curb appeal ensures your property catches eyes online, interests passersby, and enchants those coming to tour. Here are a few tips from Cotswold Garden Supply for how you can make sure you give the best possible first impression.


Enhance Your Landscaping

A fresh, luscious garden can be one of the most attractive elements of your home’s facade. On the other hand, sparse — or worse, dying — vegetation can leave an awful impression on potential buyers. By creating an inviting landscape, you help potential buyers imagine your property as an oasis of beauty and calm.

If you don’t have enough land in front of your house to plant a garden in the ground, never fear. Southern Living notes that container gardens are a popular and attractive alternative which allow you to bring some green to even the most urban of spaces. Whether you plan to work in the ground or in a pot, be sure to use well-fitting gloves like those found at Cotswold Garden Supply to keep your hands safe and clean.


Paint Your Door

One of the most simple and effective ways you can boost your curb appeal is to give your door a fresh coat of paint. Doors are, by their very nature, high-traffic areas, so they tend to get a little bit dingy over time. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for refreshing your door and covering up the normal wear and tear.

According to Country Life, it’s important to be thoughtful about color when painting your door. For example, you might consider going for a bold, attention-grabbing color. This can be an effective tool for catching buyers’ eyes, but be mindful — if your door is too bold, or the color doesn’t suit the homes nearby, it can wind up hurting in the long run.


Hire a Professional Photographer

Last but not least, your photographer can make or break your curb appeal. As we said above, curb appeal matters as much — if not more — online as it does in person. Taking pictures yourself or relying on your friend with a nice camera won’t cut it. You need a professional real estate photographer who can capture your property looking its absolute best.

Curb appeal gets potential buyers interested in your property. Boost it, and you’ll have more bites, more tours, and more offers to choose from. We hope this article helps you come up with ideas for how to enhance your space.

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Photo Credit: Pexels