Screen Blues

Now I know this is about as far away from the topic of gardening as one can get but I’d like to introduce you to a website that a good friend of mine just created.

Since you’re reading this post on a screen I’m going to assume that you spend at least some time in front of a computer, tablet, phone or television. That being said did you know that all of these screens emit blue light which can damage your eyes? They do, and that’s why after a prolonged amount of time in front of a screen you’ll start to get painful, dry, strained eyes- your vision can even go funny for a few hours, its not a pleasant experience!

That’s why the general advice is to look up from your screen to a distant point every 20mins to give your eyes a bit of a break.

But, why only do that when you can block the damaging blue light from reaching your eyes in the first place?

This is where my friends new business, Screen Blues, comes in. She is selling blue light blocking glasses that you need if you are spending time in front of a screen.

Check out the new site here: