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Money Plant Seeds – Lunaria Annua


Also know as Pennies due to the silvery seeds pods this plant produces. Great for dried flower arrangements. 50 seeds per pack



Sow outdoors: May – July

Season: Biennial

Height: 36 inches / 60 cm

Bloom Season: April – July

Temperature: 20 C / 68 F

Depth: Thinly cover seed no more than 1/8 inch

Plant Spacing: 30 inches
Sow  lunaria honesty seeds directly outdoors in the spring. Cover the flower seed lightly and keep moist.

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Lunaria Honesty seeds are often grown for their fall display of papery coin-shaped seed cases, but the violet flowers are quite striking in the spring and the plant can be appreciated strictly for the flowers alone. Common names for the plant are: Money Plant, Honesty and Silver Dollar. The Lunaria Honesty Plant makes a bold statement in the front of the flower garden, and in the fall, the flat, translucent, round and papery seed cases appear resembling little moons.


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