Skytech Waterproof Thermal Winter Gloves


Designed for use in temperatures as low as -50°C, the Skytec Argon Waterproof Thermal Gloves offer insulating and thermal properties while retaining a high level of flexibility that is ideal for grabbing tools, equipment and materials. Their durable construction can protect the hands against mechanical risks too, making the gloves well suited to a wide range of cold environment tasks that range from freezer and cold store work to outdoor manual applications.

  • Thermal waterproof gloves for cold environments that reach as low as -50°C
  • Flexible and grippy design perfect for handling icy materials and tools
  • Enhanced protection on fingers and palm protects you from risks
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How Warm are the Skytec Thermal Gloves?

The Skytec Argon Gloves are designed for freezing conditions, offering protection even when working in temperatures as low as -50°C. Their nylon layer is supported by a warm and snug fit that prevents cold air from escaping, making them perfect for cold outdoor work and work in simulated cold environments such as a freezer or cold store.


The Skytec Gloves will keep your hands completely dry when handling wet and damp materials. The bottom half of the palm and fingers is completely waterproof, meaning that you can dip your fingers and palm into a bucket of water and your fingers will stay completely dry.

The top half of the gloves including the cuff is water resistant. You shouldn’t worry as water-resistance means that your wrist and the top of your hand will still stay dry when it rains and when handling wet and damp materials

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